Taking care of your soccer boots

While it is true that soccer cleats may not have the ability to make one a better player, it is proved that good soccer shoes can bring out the best in a player. Good shoes give you support and offer you stability allowing you to make use of your abilities in the most appropriate way. There are several soccer boots from renowned manufacturers such that you are spoilt for choice. However, if you are buying new soccer boots, you should make the right choice regarding comfort, durability and the material used for rewarding sessions in the pitch.

Buying the right soccer boots is one thing and taking care of the same pair is another. Football boots such puma boots that come from renowned manufacturers often are highly priced. If you don’t take care of such shoes they will take care of your pockets in return. What do mean? Given that sports shoes come at high prices taking care of them makes them last longer but caring they get worn out fast and you are forced to buy another pair. Taking care and keeping your sports shoes in shape enhances their durability and quality. Here are ways to help you care for your soccer cleats.

Avoid using hot to break in a new pair of boots.


Avoid the myth of hot water technique to loosen the soccer boots because it ruins the shoe even though it does loosen and expand them to give you a good fit. Instead, choosing other better breaking in techniques such as jogging in them during warm-ups or prior to the game. The more activities you engage in while wearing the boots, the more they loosen and the better the fit when you finally go to play.

Remove the cleats out immediately after the game.

The only place to wear them should be on the field. Hard surfaces such as concrete and asphalt can wear the spikes down, making them less functional in offering you grip during play.

Clean the boots as soon as you leave the pitch.

Clean the soccer boots as soon as possible after the game so you are able to avoid grime and dirt settling into the leather causing damage in the process. When cleaning, you need to also ensure that you clean out every inch of the boot including dented areas as a result of stitching.

When cleaning use less corrosive agents.


Use gentle cleaning products that will not damage the shoe and affect the breathability. The cleaning method and the cleaning products should be as gentle as possible to keep your shoe in top shape for longer.

For leather shoes, a little polishing can do.

For leather shoes polishing after cleaning is enough to make them last longer. They need this kind of conditioning to maintain softness and you can rub the cream after cleaning and drying the shoes. When they remain soft, cracking and hardening is eliminated. Fin all accessories here.

To cut the long story short if you don’t take care for your shoes, be ready to spend more is not the far future. Take care of your shoes and make the last longer for comfortable field sessions.